I was first introduced to glassblowing in 1991 by Kieth Mahy while attending Northland Polytech in Whangarei, New Zealand. Kieth, a glass atists in his own right was instrumental in getting me over the initial hurdles when learning to blow glass and also helped expose me to the 'glass art scene' both at home and abroad. We worked together for a brief period after I graduated, before I eventually moved to Auckland where I spent several years working at Sunbeam Glass for Gary Nash, one of several pioneers who helped establish New Zealand's studio glass movement. Working at Sunbeam allowed me to focus on the fundamentals of glassblowing, developing my skills through the repetition of production style work. This lay the foundation I needed for the type of work I have been accustom to making during my years as an independent glass artist.

Following my time at Gary's I decided to travel to Europe where I eventually settled in Varberg, a small city located on the west coast of Sweden. For the past decade and a half I've been producing my work for a number of galleries throughout the country, occasionally holding exhibitions and selling to collectors throughout the world. A large portion of my time also consists of producing glass work for other artist's, both as an assistant and as a gaffer (master glassblower).

The pieces I produce are generally influenced by the works of both Italian & Scandinavian glass makers. Both cultures are steeped in the tradition of glass making and therefor have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to draw from. What drives me more often than not is the desire to find my place among these two distinctive styles, infusing both influence's with that of my own cultural heritage, a unique prospect I believe for both Maori culture and the glass art scene globally.

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